Twitter Tuesday #4

Twitter Tuesday #4

So you all get how things work on here now regarding Twitter Tuesday, right? Great. Now that you’re used to things, I’m going to throw out a curveball. I do occasionally like to talk politics as could be seen in my multiple thousand (by which I mean five or so) posts on politics in the United States this last year. So while I’ve decided to make anime the focus of this blog, I will still personally opine on other things (like my long thesis yesterday about Euron Greyjoy’s pimpness).

So today instead of anime tweets, I am presenting to you the Scaramucci tweets and memes that made me LOL. If you don’t know who Anthony Scaramucci is, you’re lucky as it likely means you don’t live in the United States right now, or somehow you’ve made yourself blissfully ignorant of the massive cluster fuck that is the Executive branch of the US Government.

Short story even shorter, Scaramucci (The Mooch as he’s known in the mafia, I assume) was named White House communications director 11 days ago. Monday he was fired. He enjoyed those ten days by declaring, among other things, that a chief White House official sucks his own dick to a reporter. Classy guy. Anyway, he’s gone, but not forgotten.

From future Erin – Tweets that were no longer online when I moved this post over to have been removed from the post!

And my two favorites because they’re Simpson’s related:

We’ll probably be back to anime next week.


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