Picture of me, ewink, working if I was as cute as Miku!

Working hard on the new site!


Thanks for stopping by! FUNKDAFIED.MOE – also known as ‘ewink’s FUNKDAFIED nonsense repository’ is a website dedicated to just things I like, most of that being anime and nonsense. Unlike my other sites, like 421a, I am pretty sure I am going to keep this one up to date.

All of the posts that were on 421a will be on here. I will also be adding as many of the posts I can find from my old, news photographer blog Otakuphotog on here as well! So this won’t just be an anime blog, but one dedicated to my rantings and ravings, popular culture, some sports, and of course, anime. I hope to have some people who aren’t me contributing soon as well!

Please hang around for a while, bookmark the site (for no other reason than to see Shamiko in your bookmarks folder) and contact me if you have any ideas on how I could make the site better and more fun!

You can check out all of the posts from the top menu there! ^_^

Content Advisory does contain adult language, and visual depictions of nude anime characters and 3d folks – the way God created them! While there is no pornography here, this site is not intended for children. There may be other triggering discussions. Please be aware of what you’re reading.