Seasonal Catch-Up Post! Spring 2021!

Seasonal Catch-Up Post! Spring 2021!

Welcome back! Today’s catch-up post is kind of special because it more than likely contains not one, not two, but three contenders for Best Girl (once I finally get those posts caught up…). I’m going to let you guess who they are, teehee.

Several good shows this season, so here are the five I think you really need to watch.

Sentouin, Hakenshimasu!

Sentouin, Hakenshimasu!, or Combatants Will Be Dispatched, follows our anti-hero Agent Six as he’s assigned to infiltrate the Kingdom of Grace. This task will help his employer, the evil Kisaragi Corporation in their goal of taking over the universe.

To help him along, he’s partnered with a blonde loli robot name Alice. He recruits some helpers from the world he’s trying to conquer, like the oppai heavy knight Snow, the narcoleptic wizard Grimm, and the adorable chimera Rose.

Six’s corporation is happy to supply him with weapons and tools, but he must pay for them with evil points. Why they would make him pay if they want to rule the world is beyond me, but it gives Six a chance to be a pervert, so why complain. Six also has a massive ego, thinking he’s better than he is at all things. Thankfully Alice was programmed with straight-man programming to deal with him.

It’s a fun romp and a nice change in pace from the usual isekai-style anime we’re seeing these days. Like most anime, it’s found on Crunchyroll!

Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita

Threw you off by not putting the title image show as the last one in this review, didn’t I? This show, alternatively titled I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level or even shorter, Slime 300, is super enjoyable and another show I have gone out and gotten the manga for in order to continue enjoying the story.

Azusa Aizawa, a corporate slave, suddenly dies due to exhaustion. A sweet Goddess in the afterlife takes pity on her and allows her to be reincarnated into a slow and easy life as an immortal witch in another world. Azusa helps the nearby village now and then and receives the title ‘The Witch of the Highlands’. To make ends meet, Azusa kills about 25 slimes a day, a peaceful pace for her.

However, it turns out that even only getting a couple of XP per slime can add up after 300 years and Azusa has become OP as fuck. Once word gets out, she gets challenges from all over. Perhaps her peaceful life has come to an end? Well, only slightly. Because she’s so goddamned adorable and loveable, all her enemies join her harem (I assume it’s a harem because I’m a pervert), and she adopts a couple of children that are actually slimes, befriends the demons and dragons, and in general, has a great time living her life.

This is a hilarious, cute, and fun SoL comedy and is a must-watch if you’re into such things. Also, one of the cute dragon girls hates keeping her clothes on. So, there’s that. Watch on Crunchyroll!

Zombieland Saga: Revenge

ZS:R is the second season of the hit show Zombieland Saga (which I wrote about in my Fall 2018 recommendations). The show is just as zany and fun now as it was then.

Revenge follows the group after they had a terrible show which sends their producer, Koutarou into a deep depression. The group is slammed with debt, so they have to both get Koutarou out of his funk and make some money so they can continue singing.

After all, if they’re not performing, they’re just a bunch of corpses.

In a related issue, a reporter starts to think things with the group are suspicious. He notices that Ai looks a lot like the Ai from a previous idol group who was murdered by a thunderstorm. Considering it wasn’t that long ago since Ai was alive and performing, the fact that he’s the first to realize this is amazing. He ends up confronting Koutarou about this and shames him for exploiting these poor dead girls and disturbing their eternal sleep for money.

At this point, I have to cock my head slightly and ponder to myself why the whole exploitation thing is his biggest concern. Yeah, it’s wrong to reanimate dead people to basically become slaves, but I honestly think the bigger concern would be the fact that Koutarou can reanimate dead people in the first place.

Whatever. The singing is great, the show is fun, and Tae is still fucking hilarious, so let’s just enjoy it by streaming it on Crunchyroll!

Yaku nara Mug Cup mo

Mug Cup is one of those after-school club slice-of-life anime that just make you feel all warm and cuddly. The animated portion of the show is only about 13 minutes long. Full disclosure, there is a live-action part of the show as well, but I didn’t bother watching any of that. 3D people are gross.

The main character, Himeno, recently moved back to her hometown with her father. The town is one of those specialty towns that’s renowned for one thing, and this town’s thing is ceramics. Himeno’s mom (who is dead, because of course she is) was a master craftswoman, so Himeno shows off her mom’s wares to class.

She eventually joins the pottery club and from then on its just cute girls doing cute things but with clay. The president of the club, Tooko, is your typical Japanese beauty who’s amazing at the pottery arts. There is an eccentric blonde named Mika who makes lots of goofy stuff and has enough energy to probably live her entire life without sleeping. Since you can’t have a CGDCT anime without a fourth girl, Himeno’s friend Naoko hangs out in the clubroom all the time, even though I am pretty sure she’s not in the club.

As I said, the show is warm and cuddly, and short. You really start to feel for Himeno as she starts to discover the impact her mother made and watch her grapple with whether or not she will be able to compare to her. Both the anime and the live-action parts are on Crunchyroll!

Honorable Mention

If you like elves with big boobies, Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω is the anime for you. It’s the second season of Isekai Maou, so you should probably watch that first if you haven’t.

I really liked Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu, despite it being kind of slow. It’s an interesting take on the hero being summoned to another world genre.

Full disclosure, while I haven’t yet finished Blue Reflection Ray, I did like the episodes I saw and would recommend checking it out.

There’s also the second cour of Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?, one of my favorite shows that I talked about in the previous post!

And before anyone asks, no I do not recommend Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san. In fact, the day I wrote this post, I just FINALLY finished it. It’s trash.

Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.

If I were to summarize this show in the most basic way by saying it’s a story about a dejected office worker who sees a runaway high school girl and takes her home with him, you’d probably call me a shameless pervert for even suggesting the show. Of course, if you have read even a single one of my other posts, you would know that shameless pervert is a compliment for me.

Regardless, that is the show in its most base form, but trust me, it’s way more sweet than lewd.

Office drone Yoshida was just on his way home after being rejected by his work senpai. Under a street lamp, showing off her panties (yes, it’s a little lewd), he finds Sayu, a high school girl who offers to have sex with him in exchange for a place to stay. Yoshida allows her to stay at his house but refuses to sleep with her.

Hearing her back story, Yoshida tells Sayu that she can stay with him in exchange for doing chores. She repeatedly tries to get him to have sex with her since she’s only ever experienced kindness from men in exchange for sex. Yoshida embarks on a mission to get Sayu to understand her own self-worth and grow both maturity and self-confidence.

The show is very sweet and watching Sayu grow as a person and experience what she considers a normal high school girl life (without actually going to high school) is cute as hell. You will also enjoy Yoshida’s very understanding coworkers, though his obsessed kohai is playing her part a little too heavy.

It’s a great show and the animation is top-notch. Find it streaming on Crunchyroll!

See you Thursday!


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