Isekai Beach I – Summer 2019!

Isekai Beach I – Summer 2019!

Welcome to the first ‘recommendations’ post since – well, last year, but also since we moved from my personal domain to our own .moe domain. This summer we’re having a problem which, in my opinion, is a good problem to have.

There’s too much good anime.

Again, this is a great problem to have, like having too many girlfriends or having too much cocaine. Unlike having too many girlfriends this problem won’t end up slapping you for no apparent reason unless you ignore those girlfriends to watch all of the glorious anime.

I’ve decided rather than making a single, long post where I barely talk about any of the anime I want to talk about, I’d go ahead and post about a couple at a time and ration the goodness out over a week or so.

So let’s get started with the first couple.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

I am sure that you realized this would be my number one pick since I used Hibiki in the cover image. Well, you’re partially right. This one is very close, but it’s not my favorite for the season.

Hibiki is your average run-of-the-mill high school girl. I haven’t been able to tell if she’s supposed to be the ‘gal’ type since she’s all tanned and blonde (and her buddy is tanned as well) or if they are just tan. Regardless, Hibiki has a bottomless pit for a stomach, and apparently, unlike Miharu from Girls Bravo, not all of that goes directly to her boobs. Despite not being drawn fat, she apparently is.

To be fair, the animators do add some weight to her when they want to really show off her flabby bits, but other than the end credits where chibi-Hibiki is clearly obese, you’d have a hard time telling her weight was an issue. I wonder if that’s just out of laziness on their part, or perhaps I am so woke with my standards of female beauty I don’t notice her chubbiness?

Hibiki ends up joining a gym where the class president – a chick that’s a total muscle nut – goes. They are taught by a trainer who goes from string bean to MOTHER FUCKING PORK CHOP in an instant.

The show comes off as being an exercise how to and PSA and wouldn’t be as fun as it is if it wasn’t for Hibiki. As I mentioned on Twitter, she’s quickly becoming the best girl when it comes to overreacting, and in general, her reaction faces are freaking hilarious.

Post credits they go over one of the exercises they talked about in the show, further leading me to believe that this anime is fully funded by the government of Japan, but that’s fine. It’s well worth watching for Hibiki alone. I have no doubt at some point she will join my ever-growing list of Best Girls. She might just need to lose a few pounds first.

Just kidding. Dumbells is streaming on Funimation!

Machikado Mazoku

Another anime that is trying really, really, really hard to be my favorite of the season. Machikado is a giant ball of kawaii that it’s trying to jam down your throat by creating the most loveable anti-hero, Yoshida Yuuko. Yuuko is minding her own business sleeping when her latent demon powers arise in her, turning her into a devil.

If you look up ‘precious’ in the dictionary, this is all it will show.

Her family was apparently a devil family all along but have been cursed into poverty thanks to some uppity magical girls. So in order to eliminate this curse and bring her family back to the powerful bunch of demons they were, Yuuko must slay a magical girl and soak a dildo some kind of chibi-demon statue in the murdered magical girl’s blood.

Overnight, Yuuko has grown horns and a tail, but thankfully the folks at her school, including her friends are very chill and accepting of this. In fact, her buddies try and help her train so that she can murder the aforementioned magical girl. That magical girl, Chiyoda Momo, helps out by going to Yuuko’s school, helping train her, and even lending her money for the train.

Wait, what? That’s what you just said, I bet.

Well, it wasn’t a typo. After a very cute battle where Yuuko was very cutely defeated, Momo, in a way, helps to get the aloof, clumsy, and adorable Yuuko up to speed on battle tactics and fitness.

I’m only a couple of episodes into this one and I am head over heels in love with it. There seems to be a ‘darker’ plot point coming up, but hopefully, that won’t affect the cuteness or the hilarity. This is a must-watch if you’re like me and love the cute-girls-doing-cute-things genre, and even more so if there can be a bit of a demonic twist to it.

Machikado is streaming on VRV.


The next post will take on a couple of the shorter anime airing this season and may include a bit of fan service! Lock your doors and look forward to it!


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