Isekai Beach II – Summer 2019!

Isekai Beach II – Summer 2019!

Part two of my summer reviews and recommendations have arrived! Did you think I would forget or get distracted? You’d likely be right except that I wrote these all up on the same night to make sure I wouldn’t.

I’m almost as smart as some smart person! Yatta! Anyway, let’s get to this. I warned you last time, and doing so again, a couple of these shows are heavy on the fan service so if you’re somewhere where seeing drawings of panties and girls in bras might get you arrested, turn back now (and come back when you get to the library like a normal pervert).

Tejina Senpai

So imagine a world where you’re just a dude looking around for an after-school club and you stumble across a sign indicating that there is a magic club in a room. You’re interested enough to take a look, so you stick your head in and find a beautiful, busty, senpai magician doing some kind of a card trick. All seems to be going well, but then she notices you.

Then she yaks because she has stage fright.

Somehow from that, ‘Assistant-kun’ (none of the main characters actually have names in this show) has become his senpai’s assistant in all sorts of magical misfires. From cutting money in half to setting off a fire alarm, to having a stuffed ferret molest her, Senpai can’t seem to catch a break. Probably because she’s horrible at magic, but that doesn’t really seem to matter as the main purpose of the show seems to be putting Senpai in compromising positions that enhance her chest and expose her panties.

In case you think I was saying that’s a negative, I will clarify by saying that it’s still a fun show to watch. As terrible at the tricks as she is, you can’t bring yourself to not root for Senpai. She tries so damned hard at everything she does and even with her stage fright she puts 100% into her tricks (or as Gob Bluth would call them, illusions).

At twelve minutes an episode, this show is just the right length, given the lack of any actual point to the story (at least so far). It’s recommended if you want to laugh at someone failing so wonderfully and having such amazing confidence in her lack of talent.

Tejina Senpai is on Crunchyroll. (And yes, I did leave the subtitles on one of those pictures in the gallery on purpose.)

Sounan Desu ka?

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a cute-girls-doing-cute-things show where one of the cute girls was Bear Grylls then you are in luck. Sounan Desuka follows four girls who have been in some kind of plane crash and have washed ashore on a deserted island.

Between Amatani Mutsu, Kujou Shion, and Suzumori Asuka, none of them have any idea what to do to survive. Lucky for them Onishima Homare has spent her life hiking through the wilderness with her dad so she has learned everything she needs to know in regards to survival skills, including the nutritional benefits of raw moose testicles. She can snatch locusts out of midair and can beat a fish to death, then drink it.

The show is weird, and I am not entirely sure if I am recommending it or not. I’m still watching it as it does have its moments, not to mention there has – HAS – to be some kind of beach ecchi episode coming up since they’re stuck on a goddamned beach.

Regardless of whether or not it’s the kind of show you’d like (Homare offered to pee into someone’s mouth so they wouldn’t be dehydrated, just FYI), it’s only twelve minutes long, so it won’t kill you if you don’t like it. As I said, I’m going to stick with it for now and see where things go.

It’s on Crunchyroll.


The full name of this show is Uchi no Ko no Tame Naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai. It’s placed here to help you get the taste of fish blood and locusts out of your mouth from Sounan since Uchi is nothing but 100% unrefined, unprocessed sugar.

An adventurer, Dale Leki, finds a young devil child with a broken horn standing over what is presumed to be her dead father. Dale helps the girl bury her father and then takes her with him to care for her since she looks to be about 4-5 years old (it’s later explained that she’s 8, but she looks much, much younger).

Dale, not having a family of his own, falls in love with the young devil he named Latina. No one can blame him either. LOOK HOW GODDAMNED CUTE SHE IS.

Latina wraps everyone she meets around her fingertips. She quickly picks up the human language and helps around the inn where Dale stays. She gets lost for a while but that’s okay because she makes friends – her first friends. Dale’s amusing to watch as he throws a fit every time he has to go off and work.

The show is sweet as fuck, which is why I am concerned that something horrible is going to end up happening. There are many unanswered questions like why was Latina’s horn broken? That’s apparently a big enough deal that they adjust her hairstyle to conceal it. Why was her father killed and what happened to her mother? I have an odd feeling that someone Dale is going to have to kill in his adventuring duties will be related to Latina in some way.

I highly recommend this show as it’s very enjoyable to watch. I am not kidding when I say Latina may be the cutest anime child in forever. Thankfully the show seems to be happening in a different universe, so that pedo maid from UzuMaid and Miyako from Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! can’t get their hands on her.

UchiMusume is streaming on Crunchyroll.

My favorite anime of the season is coming up soon, but I have a feeling you’re wondering why the theme of this season’s posts is Isekai Beach, eh? Well, you’re probably not if you are even slightly familiar with the shows that are out. Nonetheless, I encourage you to read the next post when it drops!


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