Twitter Tuesday (Kinda…)

Twitter Tuesday (Kinda…)

So this week, like the last two years of weeks, I am not going to have a Twitter Tuesday post. Mainly because as I was going through Twitter, I couldn’t seem to find any good takes on anime. Also, 86.452% of the posts were just SPY X FAMILY gifs and people aging Anya up to a teen which is UNCOOL.

So my plan is to one – promote my own Twitter feed here…

Secondly, I am thinking of rejiggering TT into something that covers more social media. There’s anime stuff on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and probably other platforms I have never heard of.

So there you have it. Hopefully, next week’s post will be an amazing hodgepodge of anime-related stuff that other people have created! Now, I will leave you with a J-List post because that’s the cornerstone of Twitter Tuesday.
Not a bad reason to have a sale!


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