Moe Resolutions

Moe Resolutions

Like all people, I too like making resolutions that I have very little intention of actually accomplishing. So here is my list of two (well, two that have anything to do with this website).

I’m sure if we scroll back far enough, we will find other posts of me saying I am going to do certain things, but then never do. However, for various personal reasons, I feel like this year will be kinda different.

We’ll see, I suppose.

Moe Videos

I guess that should say ‘any videos’ given that I haven’t been posting any at all, but I have a goal to do more video creation and work more in After Effects for professional reasons, so hopefully, I can use this website as a nice weeby tool to learn!

Anyway, my immediate goal is to get some Fall 2019 recommendation videos posted. We’ll see where we go from there!


I have this subsection called ‘Best Girls’. I’m like a year and a half behind, which is weird considering the unhealthy obsession I have for cartoon chicks from Japan.

I have quite a few ideas for girls, so my goal is to get caught up, and then stick with it!

We’ll see. (That could be this post’s theme!)

Happy New Year, friends!


Hi! I am a former, Emmy-winning, news photojournalist who is now working on my own business as a web developer. In case you didn't know, I love anime, anime girls, and talks on spacial relativity.

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