Twitter Tuesday – July 14 Edition!

Twitter Tuesday – July 14 Edition!

Hey, I haven’t done one of these Twitter Tuesday things in a while, so why not while I’m feeling ‘writey’? In case you don’t know, because why the hell would you, Twitter Tuesday is a day where I (on not Tuesday) browse Twitter for the word ‘anime’ and share some of my favorite tweets.

You can see all my awesome tweets over there to the right on my profile (they’re probably just automated AniList tweets letting you know what I just watched). You can also go follow me if you want @erinwinking.

Let’s do it!

I feel his pain. Except for the having a girlfriend part.


I don’t know what the context for this tweet is, but it doesn’t matter. This is the only correct response.

I also like to include one tweet from the greatest Twitter account on the internet, @J-LIST. It’s hidden behind a spoiler tag because it’s usually NSFW, though I really don’t know why anyone would view this website at work (or at all). Note from the future, FUNKDAFIED.MOE does not hide NSFW content.

See you in a couple of Tuesdays! Maybe.


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