Wayback Wednesday #1

Wayback Wednesday #1

Hello and welcome to Wayback Wednesday, a totally original idea by me, Erin. Eventually, I would like to make these posts YouTube posts since they’re supposed to be about anime from back in the day (full disclosure, back in the day can mean last week…).

Basically, I am going to blog about an anime that’s been out for quite some time, and convince you why you should go watch it! This will be a bit easier to do once I start doing the YouTube videos since I will be able to show you clips, rather than just terribly describing a scene.

So for Week #1, I had considered suggesting Ranma ½ as a sort of troll considering my last post but decided against it. I think was thinking of another anime but realized it’s too fucking funny to not have clips.

So until I have things up and running with the videos, Wayback Wednesday will present to you posts that were posted on my now-defunct ‘Bakadome’ site! Just what I am sure you wanted. After all, if you didn’t read them there, you will surely read them here!

Anyway, in keeping with the older anime theme, here’s Bakadome’s review of Trinity Seven!

Wayback Wednesday #1


Trinity Seven (which will henceforth be known as T7) is a currently airing finished (but with a movie!) school-based harem rom-com that has all of the common tropes a school-based harem rom-com would have.

First off, you have our hero (of sorts), Arata Kasuga, As the show starts out, we’re throwing the first common cliche – sister that isn’t a sister who’s kind of in love with the main character. Hashtag wincest, am I right?

Eventually, he meets the buxom and shy Lilith Asami, a girl his age. Of course, she can’t just be a girl his age, right? She’s got to be a teacher at his magic school! She also has feelings for him; and that’s not a spoiler, that’s just common sense. She’s basically the second main character (and a hardcore tsundere), so it’s just anime logic that she’s in love with the main protagonist, even if she does resist and punch him repeatedly.

Nearly every girl Arata meets is instantly enamored by him; a constant in any harem anime. What I like about T7, however, is that even when Arata finds himself in awkward situations, he just rolls with it. He’s also very zen with his perviness.

The first day Arata comes to class, Selina, a reporter mage asks him what he likes in women, Arata – without any hesitation – replies “Large breasts.”.

T7 does a pretty decent job of seamlessly transitioning from comedic to action and back again. There is apparently a plot and a story behind everything that’s going on, but I’m not 100% certain of what it is. The gist of what I understand is that Arata is looking for his loli sister-cousin, you pick one of the seven deadly sins as a theme for your magic, whoever created this was a fan of the Stone Temple Pilots, and Arata is really powerful, but he doesn’t realize it and he doesn’t know why.

I’m thinking that since there have only been five episodes broadcast so far (at the time I wrote this many years ago…) that a lot of the plot points have been condensed out of it for character ‘development’; which would explain why there was already the mandatory harem series beach episode in episode three.

If you’re one of those people who dislikes fan service… well, then why are you here? Bakadome fully supports unnecessary fan service in all its forms. T7 is full of it (as well as those annoying light beams and steam that seem to be attracted to naughty bits). Random groping and faceplants into areas where faces normally shouldn’t be planted happen about once every seven minutes (not a coincidence I am certain).

Arata is not the only suspect in these molestations, and personally, I think that makes the show more humorous. His lecherous, Happosaiesque ways are boosted by the lack of self-control of his harem and their constant taunting of – usually – Lilith.

First and foremost, I found myself laughing quite a bit. I mentioned the comedy earlier, and how it transitioned well into the action. I think, however, that the writers have made it clear that the show is a comedy. Plenty of physical gags, the writing is great, and all of the characters bounce off of each other wonderfully.

In summation; I like it – I think you will too. Check it out. It’s on Crunchyroll.


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